The Garden Box

The Garden Box was thought of many moons ago and was finally brought to life Autumn 2012. Within this “Garden Box” is a variety of stunning pieces adding the horticultural touch to your garden and interiors. From Topiary for sale and for hire along with a collection of our bespoke Belstone Planters, Cretan Terracotta Pots and Urns and most famously our “Plants in the Post”

Having received many limp looking flowers by post and been so disappointed that they often arrive in the typical tin pot you can get from the local pet shop! We thought we would put a bit of magic into sending and receiving fabulous plants by post in equally fabulous pots to suit all interiors! And of course delivering in true style we designed a luxury box to carry the goods across the UK to your door giving you an experience not to be missed!

ME! The Founder of The Garden Box- Has a love for Topiary,I find these evergreens so versatile and independent of the seasons, whether dusted in snow, touched by Mr.Frost or in its characteristic forms silhouetted against a setting sun. I have always been charmed by sculptural plants, they have huge ability to put their own stamp in any situation. Whether it is a Country Estate, Cottage Garden, Trendy Roof Garden. As for bringing the outdoors in! My Mother has inspired me with her love and flare for interiors to master the art of styling within the home and the powerful use of mixing colours! So sourcing pots to compliment plants and make your interiors truly come to life is something we here at The Garden Box all love! An empty space on a coffee table, kitchen table, dull corner, they are crying out for a chic pot and beautiful fully bloomed plant! To send a gift you know is delivered in luxury packaging to make the unveiling of the gift an experience in itself, and to also know the product is fabulous and something that lasts too! Well I take huge confidence in that….

I hope you enjoy browsing through our website and can also be inspired too!