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For Heavens Scents

What are your favourite kind of scents?…Our favorite scents include floral notes or notes of the fresh outdoors of course! When finding your scent, it does not stop there!.. Whether room spray or a candle, not only does the scent have to cover up smells, and create an atmosphere, It has to dictate the mood you are trying to

Got the Blues?…

I certainly Don’t have the blues when I see this!.. I can safely say I am obsessed with Blue and White China. Again I grew up with a Navy and Cream kitchen, and funnily enough have one now! There is something very classic about blue and white crockery, it has been around for centuries and

Beautiful Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are one of the most important things to get right, there are so many wedding cake companies on the market, but hidden away in Suffolk is Rebecca Hilton! Take a look at the fabulous cake she created for her sisters wedding. A very classic elegant cake just how we like them!…… For information