Terracotta Pots

Cretan Pots and Urns make fabulous features in any garden. Whether large Urns or small pots, filled with sculptural Topiary pieces, pretty flowers or simply left stood pride of place in a knott garden or amongst the shadows in an archway of a beech hedge.

Over 12,000 years and beyond the people of Crete have been making pots in these anciant traditions. The skills have been passed through generations with the techniques still the same to this day. These Ceramics have been used to maintain foods, oils and wine for what seems to be forever.

The Clay used is carefully selected, worked on site and then left until it is needed. The pots are slowly made with the larger ones taking several days to complete. The potter gradually adds height to the walls of the pot and will leave them to dry before adding more height again,just so the wall does not collapse under its own weight.

once this is completed the pot is left to dry, then it is fired at very high temperatures for atleast 14 hours, then allowed to Cool for 14 hours before being filled to the brim with water. It is this time consuming process and ancient tradition which ensures a long life pot which is resistant to extremes of heat and cold. So yes they are English weather Frost Proof!