For Heavens Scents

What are your favourite kind of scents?…Our favorite scents include floral notes or notes of the fresh outdoors of course!

When finding your scent, it does not stop there!.. Whether room spray or a candle, not only does the scent have to cover up smells, and create an atmosphere, It has to dictate the mood you are trying to create.  When are you wanting your candle lit? is it during the morning, afternoon or evening?? You then very importantly need the product to look right! Who wants an ugly candle sat on your perfectly styled coffee table littering up your colour combinations of chic books, flowers and ashtrays?! Or a room spray that looks like it belongs in the loo!? No thanks! There are now so many companies out there that get it so wrong! They are either far too commercial and look and smell cheap, they either create great scents but have no staying power in terms of burning hours. Is the candle wax natural and free of parrifin? and free from  GM-derived waxes whatever those are??…is the wick natural cotton or not? Whatever your choice of scent is, we say keep these fews things in mind when buying…time of day, setting and colour scheme.

Well here are some of our hand picked favourite’s! We’ve chosen Daylesfords Organic Fig candle for the morning at home in your kitchen or outside entertaining. These have a staying power, are full of great things and the kilner jar is cute! Next is Tory Burch’s Westley Candle, we love the blue and gold container, this is super chic and the floral tones are wonderful for entertaining guests and finally the old faithful Joe Malone’s Lime, Basil and Manderin. The well known fresh zesty scent that is also very soft, the glow these candles create in their cream pots produce a calming atmosphere, so are great for when after a fun dinner party, you want your guests to feel chilled and relaxed in your snug or just for you while having a hot bath and a pampering yourself…. happy shopping!


Jo Malone Lime Basil and Manderin


Daylesford Fig Leaf

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Tory Burch Westerly Candle